We have decided to start a blog about our decision to change our life. We have relocated to Nicaragua, building our own house using natural techniques, creating a food forest, some accommodation and an education centre to empower all those who would like to change their lives to become more sustainable, to live off grid and be more at harmony with nature and our beautiful environment.


Do you long for a more simple life? Do you want to spend more time with your family?Would you like to work within a community, producing your own healthy food, building your home with natural techniques, creating a sustainable home? We do!

Life is for living, not working all day, everyday for someone else. We can have a thriving community, not have to give up on modern-day luxuries and have a more positive effect on our environment and fellow beings. We want to create a place that is all about us, our fellow humans and all other beings who live among us. When we work together we can achieve amazing things, but unfortunately modern-day life has pulled us away from interacting within our local community on many levels.


We are striving to create a community in the long-term, but right now we are concentrating on building our house and planting all the fruit trees etc that we can. In the long run, we want to be as self-sustainable as possible, along with trading with the local community.


If you are interested in natural building techniques, permaculture, food forests, off grid living, plant medicines, energy harvesting and being part of a community then follow us, because we are too and over the course of our new life journey and this blog we will be learning and discovering all these subjects. We are not experts, but we know this is the route we should take, for our health, for our children’s health and for the health of our world.


I like this quote……

‘The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams….’ Oprah Winfrey

We know our dream is not for everyone, but we hope we can inspire and encourage others to live a more sustainable life. So read ‘How we got here’  and why we are wanting to pursue this direction. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us if our dreams resonates with you……we need help and we are interested in hearing from all those who are looking to learn along with us and help us create our dream (maybe yours too) or maybe you just want to follow our progress and support us!

Follow your dreams, what ever they may be…….and we hope to one day meet you!