How our story began…..

How it all began…..

We are a family of four from the UK, myself Alex, my partner of 23 years Danny and our two young boys, Vedder, 6 and Bodhi, 4. Dan and I grew up in the UK and can both say we had good childhoods in working class families, but we wanted something more sustainable, something more fulfilling for us than a 9 to 5 job / career, living for the weekends. Please do not get me wrong, I am not criticising those who do this and are happy, but we knew it wasn’t for us. Even at the tender age of 18, having not long started full time work, I was driving to work one morning (in traffic) thinking; Is this what I have to do for the next 45+ years, just so I can live, get a mortgage, hope to have a vacation once a year and maybe afford to have children?
Dan researched for a few years, identifying different countries that may offer us an opportunity. We had (still have) a dream….we all have a dream right? We all need to pursue those dreams, we get weighed down with the daily grind, working for things we just don’t really need….a brand new car, a bigger house, those new shoes, the latest smart phone etc……. Life is about presence and for us, personally, we wanted to be present in our children’s lives as much as possible. We knew this was not going to be possible in the UK for us. We are vegetarian and healthy eating is important to us, we want to eat organic and as clean as possible. So we made a decision to sell our house (which we had only been paying the interest on for the past 10 years! Long story, maybe another time! Hint: Toxic mortgages, financial crash of 2008), after narrowing down countries…the ability to own land, whether we could afford land in these countries….. we decided to check out Nicaragua.

Nicaragua had been stable for 20+ years, it’s tourism economy was growing quickly and yet it was still relatively undiscovered in regards to real estate and the opportunities to purhase land, certainly land at a price we could afford!

For example, here are two articles highlighting Nicaragua:

So we finalised the sale of our house at the end of January 2017 and on February 13th we were on a flight to Nicaragua, via Toronto and Houston! After a long journey, we arrived in Managua and our Nicaraguan adventure had begun!

We had a dream and we were on pursuit of that dream!

2 thoughts on “How our story began…..

  1. Wow! Lovely to find your blog! I thought we were brave quitting the rat race after 30 years and moving to rural France this year. We have a small guest house (vegan) and no longer have a mortgage, but equally have very little money coming in……a whole new concept for us, and even though it’s what we wanted, it’s scary. Your journey is encouraging and your perseverance to keep aiming for what is in your heart is impressive. I wish you every success. I think what you are doing is awesome and your kids will grow up enriched with world wisdom. I love it. Well done. Keep going x

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    1. Thank you Amanda for your words of encouragement! It´s absolutely aboout the children, the path is long and with some bumps (both large and small) but we are determined to continue our dream. Wish you continued success on yours too.


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