Bamboo harvesting and curing …. the process!

We are using bamboo for some of our posts on the upper floors and for the cladding to mention just a couple of our planned uses, bamboo is a great material with so many possible applications.

For us to have longevity from it, it must be cured, the most environmentally friendly option for us was Borax …… a trip off the island was in order, as Managua is the only place to purchase it!

First job…harvesting the bamboo! Around 5kms from the site is a farm that grows bamboo and we took a visit. The farm has some amazing views to top off the visit!

Snapshot - 3

Dan returned when the moon was in the right phase for harvesting and along with the team cut down the required amount.

Snapshot - 9.png

Now the next job was to transport the bamboo to the land….. most efficient mode of transport…boat! You can see Dan enjoyed the ride…….

Snapshot - 5.png

Snapshot - 4

So we have the bamboo and now to dig a trench, around 6 meters long and around roughly 1.5 meters deep to to create a pool to cure it. More hard labour for Dan and the team……

Snapshot - 1.png

Lined with black plastic and a temporary shelter of palm leaves and taurpuline to keep the sun off and the bamboo curing pool was ready to go! Before immersing the bamboo in the solution all the nodes must be punctured to ensure the solution reaches all areas. The bamboo must be immersed in the borax solution for a minimum of a week to ensure absorption in to all the meat within!

Snapshot - 2.png

No swimming in this pool!

This job took a while to complete, but it is worth while to resist insects and ensure the longevity of the bamboo. Once the bamboo is removed and dried out for around a week in the sun, it’s ready to use.

Snapshot - 6.png



2 thoughts on “Bamboo harvesting and curing …. the process!

    1. Yes we will be looking to grow it on the land, but we are trying to obtain a particular species that is extremely durable. We know it is grown over on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua, just need to get some babies!


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