El Ojo de Agua, Isla de Ometepe

One of our first stops when arriving on this island was for a dip in the clean, majestical water of El Ojo de Agua.


Relaxing under a tropical forest, sipping coconut water (laced with Flor de Cana rum if you so wish!) and taking a dip in volcanic water………..our favourite chill out, well who wouldn’t enjoy it? ……..This is El Ojo de Agua (The eye of the water). This tranquil natural swimming hole with crystal clear water is continually renewed by the underwater spring from Volcan Maderas. This place is paradise, along as you don’t go during local holidays or on the weekend! It is the perfect place to unwind after hiking one of the two volcanoes, kayaking the Rio Istiam or trekking San Ramon waterfall.

Our sons are true to their astrological sign, not only in being wise and intuitive but most definitely in the fact that they are a water sign, Pisces. Since coming to Nicaragua they have both thrived in the water and take every opportunity to get in the water, whether it be in the ocean, lake or a river we have to fight to get them out. Ojo de Agua is a favourite place for them and holds some great memories, not just with our children but also with many friends we have met since coming here.

Boys in the lake
It is a great place to cool down in the heat of the sun, but be sure to go on a sunny day as the water is very refreshing and if it is cloudy you will get cold, something that has happened to us a few times! There is a rope swing for the big kids as well as previously having a slack line across the pool. Hopefully it returns, because whether you want to have a go or watch others attempt it, it provides great entertainment.

The family run nature reserve is a great place to spot local wildlife as well as taking a trek through the forest, enjoying a bike ride or having a meal in the restaurant. The place has started to have some much-needed renovation, which includes new toilet facilities, I hope a new shower block is next on the list!


Picture courtesy of : http://life-of–animals.blogspot.com/2011/11/howler-monkey.html?m=1

Whilst spending time in the pool we were fortunate to see monkeys in the tree directly above us, Howler monkeys, if you visit Nicaragua you will soon get to know their trademark call. There is also a resident terrapin who lives in the pool, although we failed to spot him on our last visit.

There are so many magical places on this special island, which will be another topic and another blog, and El Ojo de Agua is just one of them……….. but be sure to stop off if you visit Isla de Ometepe… you most definitely should!

2 thoughts on “El Ojo de Agua, Isla de Ometepe

  1. Watching your video has made me so homesick for the isla. I lived on ometepe for three years and returned to Canada last year for various reasons. There hasn’t been a day go by that I’m not thinking of the day I will return. I watch your videos over and over and catch glimpses of people I know. Since I’ve been back in Canada I’ve realized I’ve been changed forever and never want to be the person I once was. My energy vibrates with La Isla bonito,,,,ometepe.

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